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How to Create a More Inspiring Work Environment

February 1, 2015
  1. What are you doing differently to bring more inspiration and joy into your workplace?

At group46, we incorporate monthly “team days” into our business schedule to encourage team unity and allow for open-minded discussions. We dissect skills I’ve learned through multiple motivational speakers that have taught me a lot through the years. Using exercises such as the “Four Questions,” enables team members to think strategically in an innovative way. The four questions include:

    1. What does it mean?
    2. What can we learn?
    3. What can we integrate?
    4. How can we share?
  1. What do you see as the benefits of this approach?

Team days not only promote continuity in the workplace, they also allow team members to let their creativity blossom individually and as a group. They increase company moral and enhance productivity, while giving team members tools to strengthen their emotional well being at work as well as at home. The four questions solve problems within the office, and present solutions to emerging opportunities. Engaging all team members in spontaneous workshops and team days promotes skills training as well as camaraderie within the group.

  1. What advice would you give other entrepreneurs when it comes to creating an empowering and motivating work environment?

Creating an empowering and motivating work environment is instrumental to running a successful business. By having the team participate in group activities outside of the office, you are enabling team members to form bonds in an entirely new way, simultaneously promoting positivity and prosperity within the group. Recently, our team bonded on a bike-riding excursion, which ended up being remarkably beneficial to the morale amongst team members in and outside of the office. By riding a few miles together, stopping at a local café and having conversations, some about work and others not, we were all able to connect in a way that is more difficult to do within the workplace.