It might sound old-fashioned, “advertising,” yet it’s the secret super-charger of the digital age. Now, there are enormous audiences out there, accessible by conventional media, who can be persuaded to engage with you digitally, by phone, or in-person. If you know how.

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It’s not dead, it’s just changed. Millions still peruse a paper or a magazine occasionally. Perhaps best of all, a print ad is the great gymnasium in which muscular brands are often built. Because you can’t say everything or show everything there. Print is where many companies discover the best true thing to say.


In some areas of some markets, outdoor is irreplaceable because of its sheer reality. It’s big and it occupies space, saying, “Yeah, we’re here.” Useful for launches, re-launches, new campaigns, or anything you want to say briefly and with no room for doubt.


TV and radio didn’t die; in fact they got even more useful. Cable and streaming options make the sight-sound-action of video affordable to many who couldn’t have considered TV before. And radio still performs in the mind of the listener, for those who know how to use it.