Digital Advertising Trends You Need to Know

August 1, 2015

The reality is that we live in a digital world, but there are those who may not fully understand what that means. Digital advertising means more than just creating a website just as traditional advertising means more than designing a brochure. The statistic that US adults (18+) spend an average of 5 hours and 46 minutes per day with digital media is proof that the transformation into the digital era has set a standard in the world of marketing. Though keeping up with the changes made to Google’s algorithms can be straining, there’s an enormous amount of profitability in doing so. One of the leading trends in digital marketing has changed the way consumers interact with banner ads while online.

Banner ads are simply digital billboards on the roadside of your journey as your drive through the Internet. Imagine yourself driving down I-95 along the Florida coastline. For those who have ever done so, you’ll recall a certain recurring billboard during your journey for a Miami surf shop, and your digital road trip is a similar journey.

ComScore ran a study on 700 brands all utilizing digital – some with static ads, and some with in-banner video or interactive ads. The results concluded that brands utilizing video or interaction in their banner ads were twice as likely to be engaged with, 83% of consumers were likely to have an improved impression of the brand, 74% of consumers were able to recall the brand, 22% were able to recall the message, 12% would recommend to a friend.

A digital presence will improve the ROI of your other marketing efforts. TV improves ROI by 70%, print by 16%, outdoor by 51%, radio by 4%, and cinema by 71%.

Banner ads are one of the biggest digital marketing trends because they have changed the way brands were able to interact with consumers. Before banner ads existed, using Google to learn more about products and services was an after the fact method of advertising. Even search targeting through Google is after the fact because it means that consumers needed to have been introduced to the product by another outside source.

At group46, this is where we come in to educate business owners on what they should spend their money on in order to generate an ROI (return on investment). Most business owners have it in their mind that a website is an expense rather than an asset. The purpose of spending time and money on a brand website is to generate more revenue. It was once thought of that every aspect of an advertising campaign should lead to the brand website, when in actuality everything should begin with a website and flow into other media outlets. Not only should digital platforms and websites should act as the hub of all brand content, but even traditional media content should feel digital.

There are two kinds of products and services that exist in our society. Products and services are purchased after permission is given or as needed basis and when desire. An example of permission or as needed based products and services includes car brakes. You wouldn’t purchase new brakes for no reason and if they’re working you wouldn’t spend the extra money to replace them. An example of products or services that are desirable is catching a glimpse at the latest model Porsche because it’s not something you need, but you want it.  Digital marketing comes into play after the desire or permission for a product or service is realized. It covers both kinds of advertising because it not only introduces you to desirable products.

Paid Forms Of Advertising

  1. Analytics/cookie for additional advertising on site
  2. User experience
  3. Email opt in/likes on Facebook
  4. Inquire
  5. Sale

Focus on/big things missed is coming from site is fact that you’re not using it as a list generator. Can be inexpensive if targeting your ideal clientele.

You can set your retargeting for different phases of the purchase process.

Initial advertisement, after they look at the site, once they put something in their shopping cart without purchase, after they purchase display related items.

Could also work after someone goes shopping for boats show them boat accessories and boat destinations.


The good news is that digital advertising, unlike traditional advertising, is far more trackable, allowing marketers to better determine what’s working and driving the results they need.