Tips for Launching a New Product

June 15, 2015

As a founding partner of group46, I work to create strategic paths to success for companies to expand their reach and profits. The following are a few of my best tips on how to properly launch a new product.

1) The best tip I can give on how to effectively launch a product using digital media is to take the time for keyword research and related keywords. After that is done you should create a digital marketing program to complement the target audience search results. This includes creating unique content for the ideal client (that is associated to their search terms) and then driving paid traffic to said content and sales pages of the product. I think most people underestimate the value of taking the time to fully research and develop a laser focused keyword strategy.

2) The next best tip I have is to utilize a retargeting campaign to continually re-impress upon the mind of the consumer with your product’s brand. Much like driving down the interstate and seeing the same billboard over and over again, the internet is setup with banner ads to allow brands to continually impress their brand awareness into the minds of consumers. Having a specific retargeting campaign has the ability increase your sales and drive a deeper result long-term with an overall increase in both traditional and digital marketing efforts.

3) Another tip to utilize when launching a product using digital media is to use heat mapping and track your website to increase user experience. In many cases getting traffic to your website isn’t the problem with sales, more often than not it’s because you’re lacking in conversion of those users coming to your website. Simply taking the time to install analytics, heat mapping, and split testing software on your website will allow you to review the user experience and make changes to increase the efficiency of the client experience. This can have significant effect on conversion rates.