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What is a branding study?

A branding study is a process that outlines the true personality, promise and expectations around a company or product. Depending on the depth of the specific account, a branding study can take anywhere from a full-day workshop to a 20-week procedure.

Is PR really necessary for my company?

Having a good marketing agency on your side allows you to protect, enhance and build reputations with the media, and throughout the community. We analyze your company, find your positive messages and translate those messages into tangible PR, so you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking to start a conversation with your publics, or lessen the damage from PR fallout, we are here to help make the line of communication between you and your audience as clear as possible. Doing these things establishes credibility; retaining the customers you already have, in addition to finding and obtaining new customers.

How can I maximize my current advertising budget?

There are many tips and tricks that make advertising simpler, and easier on your company’s budget. Utilizing press releases, which are virtually free, is a smart idea for any company, whether they are on a tight budget, or have more to spend. Distributing a press release to local, regional and even national media enables your company the opportunity to be published, with no money spent at all. Another crucial factor in maximizing your advertising dollars is taking advantage of having an agency that receives discounts from their media partners. Having a liaison between you and your advertising channel is one of the most efficient ways to amplify your advertising budget.

What are the benefits of creating a media plan?

Many businesses tend to put off creating a media plan as long as possible. What they don’t realize is, how important it is to be able to allocate exactly where your time, effort and money are going, especially when it comes to advertising. A basic media plan should include: strategic marketing objectives, media channels, tactics for each, impressions, budget, calendar and frequency or repetition (if necessary). By creating a media plan, you know at the beginning of the year, where every hour and dollar will be going. Strategically assigning media channels and marketing objectives is key to gaining as much ROI as possible out of your work.

I have a logo and a website, why would I need branding work?

A logo or a “mark” is a visual representation of a brand, which comes after the branding process. Many companies have fantastic logos, yet fail to create a brand that is collaborative to the logo and sets paramount expectations and promises for their clients.

How can my website generate money?

While many websites are not “e-commerce” websites (meaning they sell products and collect money like a digital storefront), you can still look at your website as a profit center by setting specific goals to achieve. It is imperative that your website has a built-in process which prompts users for more information. While you may not be capturing their credit card information, it is a pre-curser to them becoming a future client.

How much does it cost for your services?

We work with many different budgets. It is usually in our clients’ best interest to come in for a consultation where we are able to assess your needs, discuss realistic costs for services and set a budget together. Working in a collaborative environment allows us to guide you through the process of how to appropriately invest your money with the expectation of us providing you with a return on your investment

What are some things to consider in choosing the right company to build my website?

Experience in beyond the website build process is important because the company will be able to ensure the website integrates completely with your business practices.

How long does it take to build a new website?

Depending on the website and the complexity of the design and development anywhere between 8 and 16 weeks for most website builds.

Are you able to fit my needs within my budget?

All websites are unique, we are able to fit most budgets.

I can build my own website through services like GoDaddy. Why would I pay a company to do it for me?

Having a team of experts to build your website well get you to your desired result faster. Many people attempt to DIY their website failing to adequately represent their brand online.