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What is a branding study?

A branding study is a process that outlines the true personality, promise and expectations around a company or product. Depending on the depth of the specific account, a branding study can take anywhere from a full-day workshop to a 20-week procedure.

Is PR really necessary for my company?

Having a good marketing agency on your side allows you to protect, enhance and build reputations with the media, and throughout the community. We analyze your company, find your positive messages and translate those messages into tangible PR, so you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking to start a conversation with your publics, or lessen the damage from PR fallout, we are here to help make the line of communication between you and your audience as clear as possible. Doing these things establishes credibility; retaining the customers you already have, in addition to finding and obtaining new customers.

How can I maximize my current advertising budget?

There are many tips and tricks that make advertising simpler, and easier on your company’s budget. Utilizing press releases, which are virtually free, is a smart idea for any company, whether they are on a tight budget, or have more to spend. Distributing a press release to local, regional and even national media enables your company the opportunity to be published, with no money spent at all. Another crucial factor in maximizing your advertising dollars is taking advantage of having an agency that receives discounts from their media partners. Having a liaison between you and your advertising channel is one of the most efficient ways to amplify your advertising budget.

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