• Branding Ideas by Group46 Bluffton SC
  • Branding Ideas by Group46 Bluffton SC

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Beyond a name or a logo.

Your brand is your foundation.

Brand vision is who you are, what you offer, what you stand for, what makes you unique, and how you will succeed. It differentiates you from your competitors, makes you relevant to target consumers, is consistent with your vision of success and leads you to a winning future. It is realistic, sustainable, focused, concise, provocative and exciting.

The group46 brand navigation process explores all of the reasons why a company is where they are today and how internal and external publics will feel the position of the company through unified brand messaging guided toward where they want to be.

Through our branding process, we discover more efficient and effective connections between you and your consumer. This insight into consumer desires and behavior comes from our research ability, diverse experience and broad perspective. At group46, we change the course of companies by guiding them through a proprietary process that helps uniquely identify their company and its products, differentiating them from their competitors. Our ability to distill this insight into a brand identity is unequivocally successful.

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A scientific approach for a creative outcome

Craft brand vision, position and DNA
Compile research in a competitive space
Identify key issues and devise strategic direction
Create logo & design elements

Brand Asset Metrics


The BAM Model measures brand value by applying four all encompassing factors:

  1. Proprietary – Proprietary is the ability for a brand to stand apart from its competitors. A brand should be as unique as possible.
  2. Differentiation – Brand strength is built and maintained by offering a set of differentiating promises to consumers and delivering those promises to leverage value.
  3. Perception – Does the brand keep its promises? The consumer’s response to a marketer’s brand-building activity is driven by his perception of two factors: quality and popularity, both of which vary by country and culture.
  4. Awareness – Consumers’ awareness of the brand and understanding of its identity is crucial. The awareness levels about the brand and what it stands for show the passion that consumers have with the brand.

Proprietary and Differentiation taken together say a lot about a brand’s growth potential, becoming the Brand Significance.

Perception and Awareness determine the current power of a brand becoming the Brand Status.