Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses on a Budget

September 1, 2014

1) Get public speaking gigs

  • More speaking means more clients, more credibility, more sales…
  • Volunteer to speak for charity
  • Gain exposure to several audiences
  • Establish a relationship of goodwill with clients
  • Can lead to hired speaking engagements
  • Join trade organizations
  • Connect with leaders and decision makers in your industry
  • Participate in group activities and networking so people learn more about your skills and expertise
  • Offer to speak at trade events
  • Create listings on Speaker Services and Speaker Zone
  • These are two directory websites that connect speakers with audiences
  • List your speaking service in multiple categories
  • Upload videos of you speaking
  • Create a “Speaker Sheet”
  • One page to include contact, photo, bio and bullets about what your audience will learn from you

2) Host a webinar

  • Keep it short. No longer than 20 mins in order to keep attention.
  • The more visual aids, the better. People will remember and learn from visual aids and obviously makes it more interesting.
  • Engage your audience. Create an interactive learning experience.
  • Start promoting the webinar a month in advance.
  • Create a twitter hashtag, Post to FB, Create promo email invitation, etc…
  • Plan logistics – Solid background, solid clothing (light background, dark shirt or vice versa). Natural lighting is best
  • After webinar, follow up with a thank you and links and highlights.

3) Host a Reddit AMA

  • Private message a Reddit moderator in advance to schedule your AMA
  • This gets you placed on Reddit’s “upcoming AMA” sidebar (can be seen by 3 million subscribers), creating maximum exposure
  • Choose your headline wisely – Who you are, what you do, why you are interesting
  • Mention topics you are qualified for and what you want to talk about
  • Links to your work generate higher quantity and quality of questions
  • Plan out your anticipated FAQs ahead of time so you are prepared when those questions arise

4) Publish video content

5) Host or join a Twitter chat.