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group46 ensures your website has maximum up time and is completely secure all while providing fast loading times, uptime monitoring, up-to-date themes, plugins and analytic reports with our group46 Hosting Package.

The group46 hosting package includes:
• A diversified hosting resource
• Multiple servers in different data centers around the country to ensure your site has the maximum up time possible
• Triple redundancy that includes a live server and dual backup points including a “Hot-Backup”
• Archive server for tracking daily changes to your site that includes 7 days of backups
• Monthly backup of your site including email accounts and databases
• 24/7 uptime monitors, typically reply to alerts or calls within 1 hour to make site live
• Updating of CMS and plugins as needed (for privately hosted sites)
• CMS Security Package for a secure solution to avoid damage to your site and/or users
• Monthly reporting of analytics
• Monthly heat-mapping of site to view user traffic and see areas of design improvement
• Monthly 30 minute consulting call to review reporting and answer any questions

* The monthly fee for this hosting management package is $150 per month, per site reoccurring. In the event of cancelation there is a 30-day written notice required so we can ensure your site is transferred to your new webmaster appropriately. Any additional services to ensure your website has been transferred may include hourly billing ($125/hour). Please contact us prior to canceling if you do not have a webmaster to handle the transition.
* Late payments will involve downtime of your website. In the event of insufficient funds please call our company in advance to avoid downtime of your web asset.
* This hosting package is based on 3rd party servers we control and manage for your convenience. All 3rd party servers are monitored for uptime to ensure your site has the maximum uptime possible. In the event of downtime our service technicians are notified to correct the situation and make your site live again.
* All backups are made to ensure you have the most recent copies of your files on hand in the event of a security breach, coding errors, or a server failure.
* Updates are done on a monthly basis to ensure your site has the most recent updates and security features.
* The security package is based on the individual sites vulnerabilities. Services include but are not limited to; IP address blocking after multiple failed login attempts, hidden login directory and blocked editor access within the theme platform.

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